Sing Bingo review

Sing Bingo is quite possibly the flashiest bingo site on the internet. Featuring a cartoonish rock star and a neon lighting sign around it’s logo it draws in all kinds of users. The front page smothers the visitor in free offers and makes signing up extremely easy. It is obvious that the creators of this site know how to attract attention and get people to sign up through a simple process. The best thing about Sing Bingo is that it works! It truly is a simple way to play online bingo whether it is for free or for a price.

Not only does sing bingo provide an easy way to play bingo but it has some great promotions. The most common one that the site uses is competition between the users. A few times a month they give away money or other related items. Also, going along with the web site’s trend there are even free albums given away. These are fun ways to get more involved in the site and compete against other bingo players. Another fun thing the site does is place tournaments. The winner of these tournaments receives a prize for their work.

Sing Bingo offers two different versions of bingo. Depending on the users preference they can choose to play either 90 ball bingo which originates from the UK or 75 ball bingo which many American players prefer. Both of these types of bingo are offered in free versions and in versions with pots of money. Sing Bingo also offers jackpots to win every month. The progressive jackpot grows with every game played and one player gets to win it all. The guaranteed jackpot is exactly what it sounds like and one player will win it every month, guaranteed!

To add to all of the things that this site gives away they also give away memorabilia every week! During special games on Friday there is a special charge to enter them, and one player gets to win a prize at the end of the game. These can range from brand new electronics to a shiny new camera. The give aways on this site are incredible!