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Open shelf aluminum plate

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Product name

Open shelf aluminum plate





Application site

High grade office buildings, airports, clubs, banks, shopping malls, schools, exhibition halls and other places requiring fire and moisture resistance



Functions and features     

1. The open frame aluminum plate is stressed by the cross keel on four sides, so that the ceiling square plate is stable on the keel. The smooth open keel and regular grid make the overall flatness better. The comprehensive use of various surface technology characteristics of the square plate creates a personalized living space.

2. Its excellent fireproof, moisture-proof, no deformation function makes the product performance more excellent.

3. The keel design has windproof card code, which can press and fix the square plate of the exposed frame, making the connection between the plate and the keel closer, playing a windproof role, with high safety factor.

4. The open frame aluminum plate is designed and used in the later disassembly for more convenient repair and maintenance

Environmental performance

?ISO:14001 Environmental management system certification

Quality performance

  ?ISO:9001 Quality management system certification

combustion performance

Class A (A2-sl,d0,t0)


GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

GB/T 23444-2009 Metal and metal composite ceiling panels

GB/T 20247-2006 Noise reduction coefficient (reverberation chamber method, E100)

Film Hardness

Standard ≥ Hb, test result 2H (test basis: GB / T 23444-2009, GB / T 9754-2007)

Gloss deviation

Test range of gloss (GB / T 1773.14-2008)

Impact resistance

Standard ≥ 4N. M, test results 4N. M (GB / T 23444-2009, GB / T 1732-1993)

Acid resistance

  No change (according to GB / T 23444-2009)

Alkali resistance

No change (according to GB / T 23444-2009)

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