The rise of Online Bingo

The 20th century has been the century of technological advancements and humans have always applied the technology in many modified ways to suit their needs. The same thing happened with gambling. Gambling has been the monopoly of land based casinos in US, Europe and Asia but with the advent of the internet and the easy penetration of broadband services in the common mans house, gambling has a new home. Online casinos are the flavour of the day and more people are members of online casinos than there are regulars at even the world famous land based casinos.

Bingo was among the first games in the gambling world to shift to its online format. It was first available as Bingo Zone way back in 1996. Individuals had to give their location details to access this game and depending on the respective locations the players would get to see advertisements. Another major online bingo website was launched by Bingo Blitz named Uproar in the year 1998. Initially, operators required the players to load software on to their computers in order to play the game. This software passed information to the company over the net and that is how the game continued. In more recent times however, it has been replaced with a new system.

Online Bingo

Now the games are either Flash or Java based and do not need any downloading of software onto the players computer. These can be played online by just visiting the site and signing up for its membership. The only necessity is a Flash and/or Java enabled browser which can run these games. Some sites are for fun play where you can play bingo games for free without the risk of losing money and are thus perfect for the regular amateur player. Others are proper gambling websites with bigger pots and stakes.

These websites accept payments in the form of major debit and credit cards. Some even accept PayPal account transfers to facilitate most of the players. They even accept online funding options through the wallet like Neteller and Skrill. The bonuses that these websites offer at the start in the form of joining/deposit bonuses or in between games as loyalty bonuses are also routed through these methods of payment.

These days, online bingo rooms are more than just gambling joints in the virtual world. They have become places of socialising among common friends and also to forge new friendships. Thus, though in the original version talking is not encouraged, in the online version the chat option is one of the biggest draws. The hope of winning money is definitely the biggest attractive element of this game for most players but with time the socialising aspect is becoming an important part as well.

The internet world is loaded with casinos which are offering the latest games in the market. Traditional games are also present to please every type of player. The innumerous advantages of playing online have led to the transition of many players from land to online casinos. Not only do online casinos allow you to play from the comfort of your home, but it also makes playing an endless popularity. Online gambling has led to the survival of any forms of gambling which were very popular in the earlier days but have now been almost forgotten in the social circuit. Bingo is one such game. This game was so popular in the earlier days that it was played in every social and happy gathering.

Bingo is the game that can be played by all, by the young and the aged. The game was a huge hit among the women as playing and winning this game needed no skill and strategy and it allowed them to play freely while engaging in endless conversation and gossip. With the progress of time, this game did lose its favor in social gatherings; but ardent players wanted to play the game, not only for making some quick money but because the game helped them to relax after a long day at work.

Most popular bingo sites allows any player to play as long as they follow the simple start up procedure. All you need to do is register with the bingo site of your choice and make a deposit. The best bingo sites will also offer you a no deposit bingo bonus that you can use for testing the games before spending your own money. You can join a bingo site with £15 free no deposit bonus today and play your favorite game without risking any of your own money. Once you decide to make a deposit, you will be able to take advantage of many amazing promotion offers available on the site.